Studio Revolution

California Home + Design

We're featured in California Home + Design magazine as the Emerging Designer for 2014. It's coming out soon, but here's a preview. 

Can we just say how excited and honored we are to be featured in the same mag as some of our own favorite designers: Nicole Hollis, Catherine Kwong, Lauren Geremia and O+A. Thanks to CHD and congrats to all the winners!

CHD award.jpg

Mountain View Townhouse

Our take on modern Scandinavian design for a recently completed project of a Mountain View Townhouse.  The classic elements:  simplicity, clean lines, added storage for functionality, spindle chairs and the absence of color.  Our amendments:  a touch of mustard for warmth, quirky gnomes and a combination of dark and romantic art pieces.  Put a little drama in your Scandi!


Studio Revolution Living Room.jpg
Studio Revolution Dining Room.jpg
Studio Revolution Living Room Book Vignette.jpg
Studio Revolution Living Room Coffee Table.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Sectional.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook Gnomes.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook Vignette.jpg