Mountain View Townhouse

Our take on modern Scandinavian design for a recently completed project of a Mountain View Townhouse.  The classic elements:  simplicity, clean lines, added storage for functionality, spindle chairs and the absence of color.  Our amendments:  a touch of mustard for warmth, quirky gnomes and a combination of dark and romantic art pieces.  Put a little drama in your Scandi!


Studio Revolution Living Room.jpg
Studio Revolution Dining Room.jpg
Studio Revolution Living Room Book Vignette.jpg
Studio Revolution Living Room Coffee Table.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Sectional.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook Gnomes.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook Vignette.jpg

what to wear: denim | noun

a. A heavy twill fabric of cotton or other fibers woven with white and colored, often blue, threads, used esp. for jeans..

b. A hard-wearing twill-weave cotton fabric used for trousers, jeans, overalls, and work uniforms. 

c. From the French for "from Nîmes" (de Nîmes)

good goods at the renegade craft fair in san francisco

1. Supply Bag from Honey and Bloom. The perfect shopping bag.

2. Imaginary Authors: A great combination of narratives and fragrances. The Soft Lawn is our favorite.

3. Anise Peppermint soap from Etta+Billie. Smells so goood.

4. The suede clutch from BTWN Wind and Water.

5. Super cute handprinted textiles from Cotton and Flax. 

project update: santana row nursery

We had a blast designing this nursery loft for our design savvy, adventurous and neon-loving clients. Our concept was "the un-themed nursery". The biggest constraint with this project was working an existing bulky sofa into an already teeny, tiny, 120 sq ft space. But despite it's small size, this nursery makes a big statement with custom painted neon floors, rhino wallpaper, industrial storage options and a personalized marquee night light. Can we say coolest infant on the block?

babies_room (50).jpg
babies_room (30).jpg
Photos by Angie Silvy.

Photos by Angie Silvy.