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Mountain View Townhouse

Our take on modern Scandinavian design for a recently completed project of a Mountain View Townhouse.  The classic elements:  simplicity, clean lines, added storage for functionality, spindle chairs and the absence of color.  Our amendments:  a touch of mustard for warmth, quirky gnomes and a combination of dark and romantic art pieces.  Put a little drama in your Scandi!


Studio Revolution Living Room.jpg
Studio Revolution Dining Room.jpg
Studio Revolution Living Room Book Vignette.jpg
Studio Revolution Living Room Coffee Table.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Sectional.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook Gnomes.jpg
Studio Revolution Office Nook Vignette.jpg

FREAKS freearchitects

We're fans of the quirky and playful FREAKS freearchitects, a Paris-based architecture firm led by Guillaume Aubry, Cyril Gauthier and Yves Pasquet. 

freaks napoleon 1.png

Napoleon Flat is an Old Classical Flat renewal, completed in September 2012. Located on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, supposedly Napoleon once lived there, hence the archaic bicorne hats.  It's always refreshing to see architects and designers have a little fun in their photoshoots. Why not right?!

FREAKS freearchitects 3.jpg
FREAKS freearchitects 2.jpg

“We’re getting more and more bored by the nice shots where everything is so clean, with the perfect Scandinavian-design chair, the perfect white orchid, the perfect art book on the table,” Guillaume Aubry, FREAKS freearchitects

freaks napoleon 4.png

Via Dezeen; Photos by: David Foessel