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We were nicknamed "Jemily" in art school.  We bring two very different design perspectives, constantly editing and balancing each other to create designs that are both functional and aesthetic.

blueprints: both of my parents are architects. i grew up playing with tech pens, t-squares and architectural templates.

lucky peach: for the love of food in hand written texts and illustrations, all printed on heavy stock paper. and did i mention advertising-free? lucky me.

rock, cloak and the wand: i’m a potterhead.

obsessed with coconut oil: 101 uses, it's good for you.

centaurs: i never believed in santa nor the tooth fairy. but i’m still hoping centaurs are real.

chai-wallah: the perfect symphony of black tea, ginger and cinnamon. and if i'm feeling a little fancy, i add cardamom pods. so pinky up.

void of color: i'm usually drawn to whites, neutrals, oak, walnut, concrete AND... 

black: because everything looks good in matte black. ok, not everything but pretty close.

chocolate crinkles: best. cookie. ever.

freshly sharpened pencils: nothing worse than a dull one.


notebooks: i'm old school.  i write down everything and am notorious for having ridiculously beat up, tattered notebooks. 

teacups: i have a small collection.  tea time is me time.

lemon: it's my favorite flavor.

downer movies: the darker the better.  my current favorite is "melancholia" by lars von trier. it's a work of art.

david bowie: when i was 12 i developed this strange obsession for bowie. it's not about his music either, it's his face.  don't judge me.

concert pianist.  just kidding!  i took piano lessons for 13 years.  i love it, but i'm not very good.

black thumb: i love plants and would love to fill my whole house with them...but i'm a plant killer.

backup plan - farmer: not sure how that will work out with my black thumb, but my chickens are still alive.

color lover: my current favorites are navy and mustard, but it changes all the time.

reclaimed wood: hands down, my favorite material. the more messed up it is, the more i love it.